Popular Articles

  1. Notifications

    Certain events related to requests, projects, tasks, proofs, and reviews will trigger in-app and email notifications to keep your teams informed of important collaboration and activity.
  2. Submitting a New Request

    Learn how to create, modify and delete a request.
  3. An Introduction to Review + Approval

    An in-depth look at submitting your feedback in our review environment.
  4. Customize Your Personal Settings

    Learn how to customize your personal profile, avatar and notification settings.
  5. Best Practices

    We've compiled the best of our videos, webinars, and articles for optimizing your creative workflow. Agile Marketing 🏃‍♀️ Change Management 🤝 Proofing Best Practices ✔️ Reporting & Analytics 📊 Requests & Intake Forms 📝...
  6. Quick Start Guide: Submitting a Review

    Just the basics on how to submit your feedback through our review environment.
  7. Request Management

    Learn how to view and accept new submitted requests.
  8. Review Routes

    The proof route defines the users that you would like to provide a review on the applicable proof assets.
  9.  Webinar: Optimize your End-to-End inMotion Experience with Account Customization

    While account customization is covered during the onboarding and initial adoption of inMotion, you may not have taken advantage of all the powerful features available! Watch our monthly best practice webinar to learn more about how you can fur...
  10. Managing Roles and Permissions

    Manage roles and permissions to standardize various levels of access for different types of users across your organization.