Popular Articles

  1. Submitting a New Request

    Learn how to create, modify and delete a request.
  2. Installing the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud

    Install and setup the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud. The extension is compatible with Photoshop CC 2018, Illustrator CC 2018 and inDesign CC 2018.
  3. Quick Start Guide: Submitting a Review

    Just the basics on how to submit your feedback through our review environment.
  4. Customize Your Personal Settings

    Learn how to customize your personal profile, avatar and notification settings.
  5. An Introduction to Review + Approval

    An in-depth look at submitting your feedback in our review environment.
  6. Request Management

    Learn how to view and accept new submitted requests.
  7. Managing Users

    How to add, manage and deactivate users.
  8. Managing Roles and Permissions

    Manage roles and permissions to standardize various levels of access for different types of users across your organization.
  9. Creating a Project

    Get started by creating a project.
  10. An Introduction to Reporting

    Learn how to run detailed reports on projects, tasks, proofs, all work, requests, time, and reviews.