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Uploading Review Assets

Any files in need of review can be uploaded as assets and sent out to the review environment.

There are a few different ways to upload review assets: you can drag and drop or browse to upload a file directly, add a file already attached to the proof or corresponding project, use a storage integration, or capture a webpage or email.

Drag and drop a file

Use storage integrations
Capture a webpage

Once the file is uploaded, it will display in the Review Assets area of the proof details. The name assigned to the review asset will default to the original file name. Click the field to change the assigned name. This name will display to the reviewer in the review environment.

From the options menu to the right of the review asset, you can download the file or remove it from the proof.

Having trouble uploading files as expected? Be sure to follow our File Preparation Guidelines.

Asset Notes

Once a review asset has been uploaded, any user with access to the proof can add notes, instructions or annotations in the review environment before the proof is sent. This allows the designer or team member to provide context and additional information to the reviewers as necessary.

To add asset notes in the review environment, click the pencil icon to the right-hand side of the asset file. This will open the review in a new tab of your browser window. From the review environment, you will be able to add general comments and/or annotations with associated comments.