Release Notes - August 19, 2019mail_outline

New Features

Designer Checklists
Have you ever missed a comment on a proof, causing unnecessary delays in time to approval? With Designer Checklists, you can keep track of which comments you’ve resolved and which you still need to address by checking them off in the review environment. Add the permission to Resolve Comments to your team’s roles in Account Settings. 

Decline Requests
Traffic managers, is your dashboard cluttered with submitted requests with insufficient information? You can now better organize your intake process by declining requests that need more information before acceptance. Click “Decline” to send incomplete requests back to the requester, removing the item from your list until resubmitted.

Project Thumbnails
Ever had trouble visually identifying a project out of a huge list? Customize the thumbnail images that appear in project list views for easier visibility. 


The corresponding favicon and site title now appear when adding a link in the Files section.

Returned proofs will now show the specific returned status in the list view.

The Time report now has columns for request information and a Requester filter.

Added “Submitted” field and date filter to custom views and reports.

The “Requester” field in reports and custom views will always be populated for all work, including individual tasks and proofs, as well as projects and campaigns, that are created from a request in reports and custom views.