Release Notes - November 1, 2021mail_outline

New Features


Quickly find and assign the right people to work based on the skills needed to complete the task at hand! Create Specialties in Account Settings and apply to each team member. Once added you can power up project templates by using Specialties to effortlessly bulk assign work items to team members when setting up new projects.

*Available only to Business & Enterprise Customers


Get ready to see all of your team's work in one place to better manage your resources! Workload views are a fantastic way to visualize how much work each team member has been assigned, what those work items are, and when they are due to help balance the workload across the team without over-burdening any individual.

*Available only to Business & Enterprise Customers

Automated Level of Effort

Tracking LOE is an essential key to managing your team’s bandwidth and understanding the full scope of your projects. Now when you add Level of Effort to a work item, the hours will automatically be distributed evenly across members. Need to distribute hours differently? You also have the flexibility to allocate these hours however needed.


Branding Updates  

  • The login page will now show the Lytho logo. This update will NOT impact logins or bookmarks.

  • Notification emails will now show the Lytho logo. The sender email address has not changed.


  • Your browser tab will now display the Lytho logo and updated product name, Lytho Workflow. 

  • The Lytho logo will now show in the top left corner above global navigation.

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