Creating a Proof
Get started by creating a proof.
Converting a Task to a Proof
Learn how a task can be used to track the progress of work, and then converted to a proof once the work is ready for review.
Creating Proof Routes
The proof route defines the users that you would like to provide a review on the applicable proof assets.
Proof Assets
Learn how to manage Proof Assets, the files or web pages to be included in the review environment when a proof is sent out for review.
File Preparation Guidelines
Read our recommended guidelines for file preparation for proof assets.
Uploading Excel Files for Review
Learn more about our recommendations for uploading Excel content for review.
How to Embed Fonts in Microsoft PowerPoint
When uploading a PowerPoint file as a proof, you may find that certain fonts are rendering differently in the review environment than on your computer.
Review Reminder Notifications
You can schedule and send a variety of automatic and manual reminder notifications to ensure reviewers complete their reviews on time. These notifications are only sent to invited reviewers that have not yet submitted an approval status for their re...
Proof Sharing & Collaboration
Learn how to easily invite additional reviewers to a proof by @mentioning them in the review comments or sharing to their email address.
Editing Proof Details
Customize your proof details to manage proof status, due date, team members and more!
Managing Proof Files
Learn more about how to upload, manage and version proof files.
Time Tracking
Learn how to track time to a relevant work item.
Linking a Proof to a Project
If you have a proof that you would like to associate with a project or move to a different project, use the link to project feature.
Deleting a Proof
How to permanently delete a proof.