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Reports provide insights into how your team is working within inMotion ignite, empowering you to manage current workloads effectively, understand how your team is tracking toward established KPIs, and make data-informed strategic decisions for the future. Using reporting is key to ensuring the deliverables you create align with your organization's goals. Check out the resources below and remember that we're here to help you brainstorm process adjustments or provide additional help!

Reporting Reference Guide

Reports in inMotion ignite are segmented to provide customized views of every level of work and are available for Campaigns, Projects, Tasks, Proofs, All Work, Requests, Reviews, Users, and Time. Each report can be customized with the columns and filters you need to see vital information at a glance.

Data Warehouse for inMotion ignite

Take your creative operations reporting to the next level. The Data Warehouse for inMotion ignite empowers you to join ignite's data with the rest of your organization's operational metrics in your preferred business intelligence platform for increased automation, customization, and visualizations.

Video: How Creative Leaders Can Leverage Key Metrics to Manage Up, Down, & Sideways

Cherise Oleson, Senior Creative Director at Franklin Energy and Brittany Pais, Director of Customer Experience at inMotionNow share how Cherise’s team leverages data to showcase creative value and build relationships with business leaders.

Video: Reigniting Reporting Rapport

Hear Cherise Oleson, Sr. Creative Director at Franklin Energy and winner of the 2020 Analyst of the Year Iggy Award, share how she uses reporting daily in inMotion ignite to monitor her team’s progress and remain aligned with direct reports, leadership, and other departments within her organization. In this webinar, we also feature the Reviews Report and Data Warehouse for inMotion ignite.

Video: Analytical Creativity: The Key to Successful Collaboration with Marketing

Creative teams want to become informed, respected contributors to their company. To forge a stronger partnership with management, designers must embrace a shared language that’s focused on KPIs that drive the business and show how their work contributes to them. Listen in to our session at Adobe MAX 2019 and hear Colleen Phelan, Director of Marketing Services & Web Customer Experience with Delta Vacations, Brian Kessman, founder of Lodestar Agency Consulting and Director of Product Management at inMotionNow, and Brittany Pais, Director of CX at inMotionNow, explore how design has never been more important for businesses to express their brand’s value as digital marketing platforms are powering increasingly data-driven operations.

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