Requests & Intake Forms 📝mail_outline

The most important part of the creative workflow process is the beginning. Creative briefing, project kickoff, request intake – whatever you call it, the beginning of any project is the key to success. Proper project kickoff leads to higher quality first proofs, fewer proof versions, and faster turnaround on projects. Read on to learn our best practices on how to manage the request process to kickoff your projects successfully.

Form Template Builder

Requests are the basis of every successful project. That's why we built the Form Template Builder to empower customers to create and edit request forms and manage elements of concierge forms on their own. Now, you can get hands-on with your forms to design and experiment with your own request creations.

Video: How to Go From Order-Taker to Strategic Partner

Watch Ilise Benun & Andy Brenits speak on how now, more than ever, creative teams have more responsibility to be creative partners to clients. Where does this start? With the Request!

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