Managing Tagsmail_outline

What are Tags?

Tags are system-wide fields that can help categorize and filter project, task, campaigns, requests, and proof data by things like brand, department, or client name. Tag filtering will appear at the top of any project, request, campaign, or work list. You can also apply multiple tags to each work item.  Tags are a quick and simple way to label work items to make them easier to find!

Creating and Editing Tags at the Account Level

If you have the permission to Manage Account Settings, navigate to Account Settings via your user avatar in the bottom of the global navigation menu. Choose Tags from the Settings sub-navigation. From this view you can see any existing tag and the number of items with each tag applied.

To create a new tag, click the Add Tag button in the top right-hand corner. Enter a name for the tag and select Create Tag.

To edit the name of a tag, click on the actions menu to the right of the listed tag. Choose Edit to rename the tag and click Save.

To delete tag(s), select the checkbox to the left of each applicable tag(s). Click the Delete icon in the top right to permanently remove the tag from the system and any associated work items. Confirm deletion by selecting Delete This Tag or Delete These Tags.

Managing Tags on a Work Item

On the lower right-hand side of your work modal, click into the box below Tags to assign a new or existing tag to the work item. Once you begin typing, the system will search for and display any existing tag with matching characters. You can click to select the appropriate tag when available, or continue typing to create a new tag. Click the tag you would like to create, or hit return when finished typing.

To remove a tag from a work item, click the to the right of the tag name.