Admin and Team Member Notifications

Certain events related to campaigns, projects, tasks and proofs will trigger in-app notifications to keep your teams informed of important collaboration and activity. To view any new or past notifications, select the notification icon in the bottom left-hand side of the navigation menu. This icon will display with a small badge when new notifications are available.

Once you open the menu, your notifications will be listed beginning with the most recent. You can click on the related request, project, task or proof link to be taken directly to the page with related activity.

Once the notification is read, the icon badge will disappear until another notification is received.

Additionally, these same events related to projects, tasks and proofs will trigger email notifications. The main call to action button found within the email notification will open the page with related activity. If the user is not logged in, they will first be prompted to do so.

Admins and team members can customize which notifications to receive in-app or via email in Personal Settings.

Stakeholder Notifications

The following actions will trigger both an in-app and email notification for stakeholders:

  • Someone replies to your comment or a conversation thread you've participated in.
  • Someone @mentions you in a comment or review.
  • A request you've submitted has been accepted, completed, or archived.
  • A request you've submitted is overdue or the due date has changed.
  • You've been invited to review a proof.
  • A review you've been invited to has been canceled.
  • You've been skipped as a reviewer on a proof.
  • A review has progressed without your feedback.
  • A proof you are assigned to has an expired route end date before all reviews were completed, or the end date has changed.

To ensure that team members can effectively collaborate with stakeholders, stakeholder notifications cannot be disabled.