Popular Articles

  1. Project Templates

    Automate your projects using project templates.
  2. Managing Users

    How to add, manage and deactivate users.
  3. Installing the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud

    Install and setup the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud. The extension is compatible with Photoshop CC 2018, Illustrator CC 2018 and inDesign CC 2018.
  4.  Webinar: Optimize your End-to-End inMotion Experience with Account Customization

    While account customization is covered during the onboarding and initial adoption of inMotion, you may not have taken advantage of all the powerful features available! Watch our monthly best practice webinar to learn more about how you can fur...
  5. Webinars 🎞️

    We will announce more events soon! Webinars On Demand Agile’s Trojan Horse: How In-House Brand Marketers and Creative Teams are Adopting Agile Marketers are creating strong alliances with...
  6. Creating a Proof

    Get started by creating a proof.
  7.  Webinar: Building Approval Workflows to Automate the Review Process

    Tired of chasing down your approvals, one reviewer at a time? Watch our best practice webinar to learn how inMotion Approval Workflows can automate your review process ensuring quality feedback gets to your design teams with greater efficiency...
  8. An Introduction to Reporting

    Learn how to run detailed reports on projects, tasks, proofs, all work, requests, time, and reviews.
  9.  Webinar: Boost Your Team Utilization with Task Management

    Take advantage of inMotion's task management tools in order to cultivate a better understanding of your team's bandwidth and unique value to your organization. Listen to our monthly best practice webinar to learn how to harness m...
  10. Collaborating During a Review

    During a review, collaboration is key. Learn more about how to keep those conversations going!