Accepting a Campaign Requestmail_outline

NOTE: Campaigns are only available to Business and Enterprise Tiers

Accepting a Campaign Request

If you have the user permission to accept requests in the system, you will receive in-app and email notifications when a new request has been submitted. To view a request, select the request name from the My Requests list or from the notification itself.

From the request details, you can view the requester name, request information, attachments, and request due date.

By default, any team member with the permission to Accept Request will be assigned and notified of the new request. If you would like to take ownership of the request acceptance, you can unassign any other team members from the request. Click the team member avatar(s) in the top right-hand corner and simply deselect the users that no longer need to be involved.

If you need clarification or additional details from the requester, you can @mention them from the Comments section of the request. The requester will receive a notification of your comment and can reply to you at any point in time. You or the requester can also modify the request as long as it is in the status of Submitted.

The requester will receive an in-app and email notification if the due date is changed after submission.

To accept the request, click Accept Request in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Next, you will have an opportunity to review any required custom fields, dates, and project templates associated with the campaign's deliverables. Follow the paginated wizard to make your selections for each project. Once complete, click Accept Request. 

A pop-up notification in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen will confirm acceptance and provide a link to the newly created work item.

Once the request is accepted, the requester will receive in-app and email notifications as well as an updated progress bar on the request. 

Internally, after the request is accepted, any team member with the permission to view the request and work item will now see a link to the associated work item in the Overview section of the request details.

Copying Campaign Request Files to Projects

If you have Copy Campaign Request Files to Projects* enabled in your account settings, this is how the accept request modal will appear when accepting deliverables. Select the box to the left of Copy request files to project files to copy. You eill have the opportunity to select which files copy over for each deliverable on the request. 

Files attached to that deliverable request will copy by default. Select Show Files to view and unselect any files you do not want copied to the associated project. 

Once the request has been accepted, the copied files will be found in the right side of the associated project, under FILES