Request Exportsmail_outline

Whether you need a PDF copy of requests for your files or just prefer to work on paper, it’s now possible to export your request details! From the action menu of any submitted request, select Export.

You will see a toast message letting you know that your export is in progress. A new message will appear when the export is ready for download.

Select the link in the toast message to download the exported PDF of the request. The export will include the following:

  • Request Name
  • Request Status
  • Request Progress
  • Request Details (including all completed fields)
  • Request Attachments (including links to download attachments from ignite)
  • Request Deliverables (including links to download deliverables from ignite)
  • Requester Insights (if enabled)
  • Request Due Date
  • Requester Name
  • Request Form Chosen
  • Request Members
  • Date of the Export

Any links embedded in the request will take you right to that item for easy access and visibility!

You can also select Ctrl+P (Cmd+P on a Mac) for a printer friendly version of the request details.