Global Search, List By, and Filter Bymail_outline

Global Search

From the navigation menu, select the magnifying glass icon to conduct a global search of all request, campaign, project, task and proof information. Type your keyword or phrase in the search field and press return on your keyboard to submit. 

If a matching work item is found, it will display beneath the search criteria. You can click the item to be taken directly to the related details page.

Currently, the search request will query the following:

  • Request name
  • Request number (if enabled)
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign custom fields
  • Campaign number (if enabled)
  • Project name
  • Project custom fields
  • Project number (if enabled)
  • Task name
  • Proof name
  • Proof subject (review name)

List by

On the Requests, Campaign, Projects, Work and My Reviews list views, you can order your list by certain fields like Due Date, Name or Status depending on their availability. Each List by option will show in ascending order by default.

Filter by

From the Requests, Campaign, Project, or Work list views, you can filter by tags. Simply click on the 'Filter by tags...' field above the list view and begin typing the tag that you would like to use for filtering. The system will search for and display any existing tags that match the characters as you type. You can click to select the appropriate tag. 

Add multiple tags to filter the list using 'OR' logic, meaning the list will show any item that has any one or more of the tags you entered in the filter.