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Calendars allows you to view and create custom views of your work in a calendar format. Leverage filters to easily view the information important to you. 

Viewing Work in Calendar View

Navigate to Calendars by clicking on the calendar icon on the main navigation menu. By default, the My Work view will be presented, showing only work assigned to you. 

Navigate to future and past months by clicking the arrows above the calendar. Select This Month to revert back to the current month. 

All Work is permission based and will allow you to see any work in your account that you have access to view.

If there are too many items to display within the day, you can select +(number) more to access and view the full list. 

Click on the work item to be brought directly to the associated project, task, or proof. 

Work items are color coded so that you can easily tell what type of work you are viewing. 

Green = Projects  Blue = Tasks  Black = Proofs 

Filtering in Calendars View

To filter the work displayed, select Add a filter above the calendar. 

You can filter by Archived Status, Status Stage, Tags, and Work Type

You have the option to create Custom Views inside of your calendar so that your filtering preferences can be saved. Select + Add View below Custom Views to get started. 

Adding Tasks and Proofs in Calendars View

If you have the permissions to add work in ignite, you can do so in the calendars view by selecting Add Task or Add Proof in the top right corner of your screen. 

Create a name for your task or proof. Select a due date and project to associate your work with if applicable. 

Select Create Task or Create Proof when complete. You'll see the newly created work appear on the calendar! 

If you don't see the newly created work as expected, check your filters! Work will only appear on the calendar if a due date is defined and it meets the criteria of the filters you've select.