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For teams using ignite’s time tracking feature, the Time Report shows how much time users logged against tasks and proofs, allowing you to understand where your team’s efforts are being spent. Include request information and custom field data for additional insights into how creative bandwidth has been consumed across the organization. 

*Time reports are only available to Business & Enterprise customers

To create a Time report, select CUSTOM and choose Time under Report Type

Available Columns & Filters

Available ColumnsAvailable Filters
Archived Status
Associated Work Type
Campaign Name✔ 
Category✔ (Selected By Default)
Custom Fields 

Date Worked✔ (Selected By Default)
Notes✔ (Selected By Default)
Project Name✔ (Selected By Default)
Request Type
Requester Name
Total Time Tracked✔ (Selected By Default)
Work Name✔ (Selected By Default)
Request Name
Request Status
Request Type
Requester Name