About the inMotion ignite Data Warehousemail_outline

Take your creative operations reporting to the next level. The Data Warehouse for inMotion ignite* empowers you to join ignite's data with the rest of your organization's operational metrics in your preferred business intelligence platform for increased automation, customization, and visualizations.

* Data Warehouse for inMotion ignite is available for Business and Enterprise customers.

To ensure a successful implementation, please make sure you've identified:

  1. An employee experienced with data analytics, data science, and/or SQL servers that can assist with setting up the initial configuration and support your warehouse needs
  2. A business intelligence tool like Tableau or Microsoft BI that can be leveraged to easily display and configure your data

We've compiled the following reference articles to assist with setting up your access to inMotion ignite's Data Warehouse:

If you have any questions about setup or the data available, please let us know.