User Authenticationmail_outline

inMotion ignite allows for three types of user authentication: Standard, SSO only, and Mixed.


Standard authentication is handled through inMotion and each user manages their own password. Once invited to the system, users can register and log in to inMotion. Stakeholders can also self-register when enabled on your account.

SSO (Single Sign-on) Only

Single Sign-on allows you to validate usernames and passwords against your company directory instead of managing user authentication through inMotion. inMotion easily integrates with most popular SSO applications.

There are numerous benefits to utilizing SSO including:

  • Security - Your inMotion account will now adhere to your internal security policies for user passwords.
  • Simple Administration - Users already authenticated in your company network will be able to seamlessly log in to inMotion as new users without registration.
  • Quick Access - Notifications from inMotion with links to the application will conveniently open automatically, without requiring additional user logins.


Mixed authentication allows you to utilize SSO for your internal users without blocking your external stakeholders who may act outside of your network or are not a part of your company directory. These external users can utilize a standard authentication method.

New User Provisioning

With SSO or Mixed authentication methods, you have the option to allow or block the automatic provisioning of new users found in your company directory. When allowed, if a new user attempts to log in to your account, they will be automatically authenticated into inMotion and created as a user with the default stakeholder role.

Setting Up SSO

To use an SSO or Mixed authentication method, contact our Customer Success team to begin set up of SSO. They will work with your IT team to implement and test your SSO safely before rolling it out to the rest of your team.