Release Notes - July 7, 2019mail_outline

New Features

Request Reporting Enhancements
Step up your reporting game with a new set of request filters that enable you to build more advanced reports. For example, filter by:

  • Requesters to create a traffic report that tracks the flow of incoming requests.
  • Acceptors to monitor who is responsible for accepting requests and assigning work.
  • Associated Members to create visibility for requesters to see who is working on their request.

Don’t forget, any reports you build can be shared with your stakeholders so they have access to the information they need!

Complete All Work Requirement
Never miss a task in a project or campaign again! This new account setting prevents users from completing projects and campaigns until all the work within the respective project or campaign is completed.


Review + Approval will now open in the same tab.

Filter by Campaign Name to see all work and time entries tied to a specific campaign.

Forms can now have auto-assignment of requesters either enabled or disabled.