Auto-Numbering* allows you to quickly locate and track your work by automatically generating unique ID numbers on projects, campaigns, and requests.

*Only available for Business and Enterprise Customers

Enabling Auto-Numbering

To enable auto-numbering, navigate to Account Settings by selecting your avatar in the bottom of the global navigation bar. From the Account Settings sub-navigation menu, select Features

Click the green toggle to the right of the Auto-Numbering setting to turn this feature on. When disabled, the toggle will appear grey. You can update these preferences at any time.

Once selected, you will have the option to turn on auto-numbering for Campaigns, Projects, and Requests. Identify the number you would prefer to Start Numbering From, as well as the Minimum Digits you desire for your auto-numbering settings. 

Once you have set a Start Numbering From value, that becomes the new minimum value. You cannot later change this number below your minimum value. 

Auto-numbers cannot be used twice, meaning there could not be two projects with the number 100. 

In the example below, Projects will start from the number 1, and will include at minimum 3 digits; therefore, the first project will be numbered at 001. Projects will start with 2 leading zeroes in this case; however, the moment the project reaches 1000, there will no longer be any leading zeroes and the number continues to increase as normal.

Using Auto-Numbering Throughout inMotion ignite

Auto-numbers can be found under ID within the Campaign, Project, and Request Details section. 

Auto-numbers can also be found to the right of your Campaign, Project, or Request name within your list views. 

Auto-numbers are not retroactive. Auto-numbering will start with the first Project, Campaign, and/or Request created once this feature is turned on. 

Auto-numbers can be searched via the Global Search feature.