Change Management 🤝mail_outline

It’s an uphill battle to inspire change. So how do you keep people ahead of tasks while empowering them to set up an earthquake of transformation within your company? And how do you take it one step further by using that momentum to influence your peers? We've compiled our best tips, tricks, and resources to help you champion change successfully in your team and across your broader organization!

Templates & Training Materials

Change management starts at the very beginning of the process. We have created email templates, agendas, and slide decks that include the information your users need to start their onboarding successfully. Customize these materials to best suit the needs of your team’s roll out and trainings. You know your teams best – we hope these provide sources of inspiration and guidance for you to use as the inMotion ignite champion in your organization!

Create, Implement, Win, Repeat: The Secrets to Effective Change Control

Watch Erica Fresh from ZAGG walk through the ins and outs of her battle-tested process improvement and change control strategies.

Industry Best Practices from the inMotion Blog