Getting Started


Migrating from inMotion Classic

Migrating from inMotion Classic to inMotion ignite? This section's for you!

ignite Business and Enterprise

Is your team on our Business or Enterprise plan? Use this guide to get started!

ignite Starter

Is your team on the Starter plan? Use this guide to get started!


Software Requirements
Find the minimum system requirements to run inMotion.
Customize Your Personal Settings
Learn how to customize your personal profile, avatar and notification settings.
Certain events related to requests, projects, tasks, proofs, and reviews will trigger in-app and email notifications to keep your teams informed of important collaboration and activity.
Global Search
Search the system, filter by tags, or list by pertinent fields to view your request, work, and review information the way you want.
List Views
List by On the Requests, Campaign, Projects, Work and My Reviews list views, you can order your list by certain fields like Due Date , Name or Status depending on their availability. Each List by option will show in ascending order by defa...
Custom Views
Learn how to create more empowering table views of Projects, Tasks, Proofs, and Requests.
Storage Integrations
Streamline your file management process by connecting ignite to Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.