Release Notes - May 15, 2019mail_outline

New Features 

Requester Insights 

Need help keeping your requesters in the loop? Now, with Requester Insights, requesters have access to dashboards to easily track the progress and expected delivery dates for the work they need! Users with Admin permissions can enable this feature for the account.

Google Drive, Google Docs & Dropbox Integrations 

It’s easier to access your files in cloud storage than ever before! With the inMotion ignite integrations to Google Drive, Google Docs, and Dropbox, you can upload files directly from your preferred solution into ignite for Requests, Campaigns, Projects, Tasks, and Proofs. Once you enable the integration in your Personal Settings, you’ll be able to focus on collaborating on files while streamlining your workflow and saving time.

Clearer Review Statuses 

Getting mixed messages from your reviewers? Returned proofs will now indicate the exact status set by each reviewer for each file, so your designers can quickly turn around new versions or final deliverables. 


Statuses in lists views of tasks, proofs, projects, and campaigns are now color coded.

All task/proof related notifications now include associated projects and/or campaigns.

Files can now be removed while they are being uploaded.

Proofs can now be searched by the Proof Subject.