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1/28/22 - Resource Management Office Hours with Lytho Workflow

Join us for a special office hours event specifically designed to assist you with Priorities, Availability, Workload, and Specialties (or as we like to say, PAWS!). Come ready to learn, collaborate, and ask questions!

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The Marketing Cost of Bad Briefs 

Join us along with special guests, Australian strategists and BetterBriefs Project co-founders, Matt Davies and Pieter-Paul von Weiler. They’ll walk us through their key findings from their recently released global research study on marketing briefs surveying over 1700 respondents from 70 countries.

Managing Team Bandwidth with Lytho Workflow

Hear from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina's Kat Kane as she shares best practices for monitoring workload, assigning the right people, and coaching for continuous improvement!

Download the slides here: Managing Team Bandwidth Slides.pdf

Implementing Resource Management with Lytho Workflow

Join us as we dive into the new features of Lytho Workflow that will elevate the way you manage your projects and team! We’ll provide key insights into why Specialties and Workload were built and walk you through best practices for assigning members and assessing team bandwidth.


Starter Package Office Hours

 Join us for a session specifically designed for Lytho Workflow Starter, featuring an instructor led tutorial followed by Q&A.

Modern Asset Management 

Watch Enterprise Sales Executive Keith Harris as he introduces our new asset management solution, Lytho! Keith will demonstrate how Lytho helps marketing and creative teams manage digital assets, enforce brand standards, and scale the creative production process.

Get Organized & Stay Organized!

Priority and rush projects? Multiple deadlines, large initiatives, and everyday work? The work has been assigned, but now you need to organize and prioritize. Better yet, you need to stay organized! Join us as we dive into the features of Lytho Workflow that will be game changers in how you view your work and your team's work. 

Download the slides here: Get Organized & Stay Organized Webinar Slides.pptx.    

Reigniting Reporting Rapport 

Hear Cherise Oleson, Sr. Creative Director at Franklin Energy and winner of the 2020 Analyst of the Year Iggy Award, share how she uses reporting daily in inMotion ignite to monitor her team’s progress and remain aligned with direct reports, leadership, and other departments within her organization. In this webinar, we also feature the Reviews Report and Data Warehouse for inMotion ignite.