Release Notes - December 9, 2019mail_outline

New Features

Gantt Views
Gantt Views give you a dynamic way to view the timeline and dependencies between tasks and proofs within a project. Now it is even easier to identify the impact that adjusting the schedule of work will have on the overall project timeline so teams can manage projects more efficiently to hit deadlines with stakeholders.

Automatic Date Calculations
Leveraging Automatic Date Calculations helps creative teams get started on projects faster by automatically calculating start or due dates for a project based on your specifications in the project template. Automatic Date Calculations are both robust and flexible, allowing teams to customize any workflows, better define SLAs with their stakeholders, and set proper expectations around delivery dates.

This project template calculates the start date based on the due date selected.

Submitted Review Notifications
Proactively keep tabs on the progress of your reviews! Now, instead of having to check a proof to see who has submitted and who has not, you can choose to receive notifications when each individual reviewer submits their review. Enable this notification preference in your Personal Settings.


Requesters will now be notified when a request name is changed by an admin.

Users will now see a warning when attempting to upload files that exceed the maximum file size limit.

Single Sign-On users who update their email address within their preferred service provider will now see those changes reflected in ignite.