Customize Your Personal Settingsmail_outline

To customize your profile, click the avatar icon found in the bottom left of the navigation menu and select Personal Settings. 

Profile Details

You can update your avatar, name, title, and contact information in your profile.

Select the applicable links to Change Avatar image or the trash icon to remove it. When Change Avatar is selected, a prompt to choose an image from the file menu will display. Once chosen, the file will be automatically uploaded and updated. Upon completion, a notification, 'Your changes have been saved.' will display in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

Your avatar image is displayed to other users throughout ignite, including assignments, conversation threads, and reviews.

Both First Name and Last Name fields are required for each user profile. Job Title and Phone Number are optional. Update these fields as necessary and click Save


Enter in your current password and new password twice and click Update Password. Upon completion, a notification, 'Your password has been changed.' will display in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If you are uncertain of your current password, please request a password reset instead.

inMotion requires at least 8 characters for all system passwords.


If Scheduling is enabled, each Team Member will be able to edit their weekly availability.

Automatic Membership Options

Team Members can also manage their automatic membership options. Choose to be automatically added to anything you create or update with the provided toggles.


If you have Time Categories enabled in your account, you have the ability to select a default time category to be applied to your time entries. 

Click the dropdown menu to the right of Default Time Category and select the appropriate category. 

 Time Categories are only available to Business and Enterprise Customer