Submitting a New Requestmail_outline

Creating a Request

To begin a new request, select the Requests icon from the global navigation menu. Click Add Request in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Enter a name for your request and select Create Request.

Depending on the team you are requesting from, you may have multiple request forms to choose from. Each form will dictate the fields and information required in order to submit your request. Choose the form most applicable to your request.

If your request needs to be completed by a certain date, select the link Add Due Date, choose a day, and click Save.

Due to required lead times for select requests, various dates within the calendar may be grey, indicating they cannot be selected.

Complete the request form in detail and be sure to fill out any required fields, denoted with an asterisk.

At the bottom of each form you will be able to add any relevant attachments to your request. You can drag and drop files from your computer into the available field. If you would like to browse your computer file menu instead, start by clicking on the drag and drop field.

To remove or download request attachments, click the actions menu to the right of the relevant file.

Click Submit Request to finalize your submission. You will then land on the request details page. From this page you can follow the status of your request, collaborate with relevant team members, and modify your request.

Modifying a Request

You can only modify a request in a status of Draft or Submitted. Once the request is Approved, you will no longer be able to edit the request details, however you can still collaborate with your creative team.

To modify an existing request, select your request name from the My Requests list. From the request details page, click Modify Request near the bottom of the page.

Make any applicable changes to your request and click Done Editing.

Any edits made to the request will be captured in the request activity feed. Select Activity to view any relevant changes.

Deleting a Request

Depending on your permissions, you may only have the ability to delete a request in the Draft status.

To permanently delete an existing request, navigate to the My Requests list. Click the action menu to the right-hand side of the request and select Delete. You can also delete a request from the action menu found in the top right of the request details page.