Release Notes - June 29, 2020mail_outline

New Features

Cascading Custom Fields When Accepting a Request*

Now, with Cascading Custom Fields in inMotion ignite, you can save time at request intake, prevent data entry errors, and make reporting even more useful by indicating which campaign custom fields' data should be inherited by the projects created when the request is accepted. If your stakeholders currently request work using a campaign request form, you can enable this setting for each custom field you'd like to cascade.

Interested in seeing how a campaign form could work for your account? Email us at and we will show you how to unlock the secrets of workflow magic!

* This feature is only available to Business and Enterprise customers


New to the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud!

If you haven't checked out our inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud yet, now's the time to dive in!

  • We've made some updates to the initial login experience to make it even easier to jump into your account.
  • Is time tracking required in your account? Now you will be prompted to submit your time when completing a proof from the extension!
  • Now you can clearly see a review's progress by checking out how many essential reviewers are remaining on its route.

Select Your Work Group When Linking To A Project

Save time and stay organized when linking tasks or proofs to a project by choosing the proper work group for the linked task or proof.