Webinar: Reach More Inboxes Faster with inMotion’s New Email Review Featuremail_outline

inMotion is now the only software that enables teams to post emails for review and collect feedback on both the email design and its context, capturing key email information including subject line, send date, and audience.

Says MarTech Advisor, "Marketing and creative teams are no longer stuck giving and receiving feedback on email campaigns over email threads. Instead, they can simply use inMotion's review, collaboration, and approval features to markup emails like they would a printed proof."

Want to see how it works?

Watch our 35 minute webinar for a deeper dive into this exciting new inMotion capability.
Hear from our Product Owners on:

• What We Learned from You, Our Users
• How to Quickly and Easily Turn Emails into Proofs
• The Reviewer Experience When Approving Emails