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Enable Proof Sharing on a Proof

When Proof Sharing is enabled in your account, reviewers can @mention and collaborate with other account members who were not initially invited to the review.

When necessary, reviewers can also share the proof with additional account members by sending a custom, private message that does not appear in the collaboration panel. If a reviewer believes someone's opinion is required, they can add them as an essential reviewer on the proof route.

Proof members will receive a notification any time a new essential reviewer is added to the proof route so they can continue to manage the proof's progress.

If you add a new reviewer with an @mention, they will only be invited as a collaborator on the review. They will be able to comment and annotate, but cannot leave an approval status or delay the progression of the proof route.

This feature can be enabled on a proof-by-proof basis by clicking Proof Options within a proof and selecting the green toggle to Allow Proof Sharing. When disabled, the toggle will appear grey. You can update these preferences at any time.

This feature can be enabled or disabled on the proof at any time, including after the proof has been sent for review.

For Admins

You can enable Proof Sharing in your account via the General option in the Account Settings sub-navigation menu. Click the toggle next to the Proof Sharing option to enable this feature. 

Once enabled, you will have several additional options to further customize Proof Sharing within your account:

Enable by Default on All New Proofs: This setting ensures proof sharing will be automatically enabled for all new proofs created in the account.

Account Members are Visible to Stakeholders: With this setting, admins can choose to prevent their stakeholders from seeing other members in the account within the "Everyone Else" list. This ensures users will not see the names of anyone who has not already been invited when @mentioning or sharing the proof.

You can update these preferences at any time.