inMotion ignite Starter: Capabilities for Stakeholder Usersmail_outline

A Stakeholder is a user type in inMotion ignite that can be given permissions to request work, review work, receive final deliverable files, and collaborate on requests and reviews. inMotion ignite keeps a history of all requests, files, and reviews so you can easily access past work and create new requests when needed!

Creating Requests

A request is a new job or brief that outlines the requirements of a project or initiative.

Access to request forms is managed by your account's inMotion ignite admin. 

My Requests

Submit and manage your requests from the My Requests tab in Requests. By default, this is the page that opens when you log into your inMotion ignite account. 

Requests may appear in the following sections: 

  • DRAFT - Requests that you have started but not yet submitted
  • SUBMITTED - Requests that you have submitted but have not yet been accepted
  • ACCEPTED - Requests that you have submitted and have been accepted
  • COMPLETED -Requests that you have submitted that have been completed and not yet archived

Learn more about creating and managing your requests: 

Open a submitted request to view request details, keep track of request progress, and collaborate with your team.

Members include team members responsible for accepting the request. @mention these team members to notify them of request updates. We recommending keeping communication inside of the request so that all pertinent information is in one place. Once work is complete, you will also be able to access your final deliverable from the request details page.  


When the request has been completed and associated work is archived, the request will appear in the Archived list. Your requests and associated files will remain available for historical tracking and easy duplication so you can begin the request process again!

Submitting Reviews

My Reviews

Content that you have been invited to review will be located in the My Reviews tab in Reviews.

Reviews may appear in the following sections: 

  • TO DO - Items that you need to review
  • IN REVIEW BY OTHERS - Items that you have reviewed but are still waiting on others to review
  • RETURNED - Items that have completed their review and have not yet been archived
The area under the review name provides additional context, such as the associated project name, the current proof version, the date you were invited to the review, and the review's deadline, if applicable.

Click on the review to open it in the review environment and submit your approval. Use the links below to learn more about reviewing assets. 


When the review has been completed and associated work is archived, the review will appear in the Archived list. Reviews will remain available for reference.

Updating Settings

Access your personal settings by clicking your avatar in the bottom left corner of your screen and selecting Personal Settings

Using Global Search

When looking for items in inMotion ignite, you can always utilize global search!