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Request Permissions

To provide your users the ability to create, view, approve or delete requests, you must assign the relevant permissions to each appropriate role.

Team member role types can be assigned any combination of the available request permissions. Stakeholder role types can only be assigned the permission to Create Request and/or Delete Request.

To begin, select your avatar icon in the bottom left of the main navigation menu and choose the option, Account Settings.

From the Settings sub-navigation, select Permissions.

Select the Edit link to the right of each permission that you would like to add or remove from applicable roles. Check the appropriate box to enable or disable the permission per role and click Save.

Any user given a role with the permission to Create Request will be given access to all published request forms on the account.

Requester Insights

You can also allow requesters to view a dashboard for each request they've submitted that shows the name, start date, due date, and status of all associated work.

To enable Requester Insights, admins can toggle them on from Account Settings