Creating a Project
Get started by creating a project.
Editing Project Details
Customize your project details to manage project status, due date, team members and more!
Managing Project Files
Learn more about how to upload, manage and version project files.
Deleting a Project
How to permanently delete a project.
Throughout the system, you can collaborate with other users by commenting, replying and @mentioning on requests, projects, tasks, and proofs.
Certain events related to requests, projects, tasks, proofs, and reviews will trigger in-app and email notifications to keep your teams informed of important collaboration and activity.
Project Work Groups
Set up work groups to categorize your project work in a way that is intuitive and easy to manage.
Scheduling helps project managers manage workloads for their teams to increase efficiency and minimize going over time on projects.
Importing Projects
Create projects in bulk using the Project Import Template.
Learn how to manage dependencies so your team can focus only on work that is ready to begin.