Popular Articles

  1. Scheduling

    Scheduling helps project managers manage workloads for their teams to increase efficiency and minimize going over time on projects.
  2. Managing Roles and Permissions

    Manage roles and permissions to standardize various levels of access for different types of users across your organization.
  3. Final Asset Delivery

    Learn how to provide final assets to a requester upon work completion.
  4. An Introduction to Reporting

    Learn how to run detailed reports on projects, tasks, proofs, all work, and requests.
  5. Creating Proof Routes

    The proof route defines the users that you would like to provide a review on the applicable proof assets.
  6. FAQs

  7. Managing Proof Files

    Learn more about how to upload, manage and version proof files.
  8. Editing Project Details

    Customize your project details to manage project status, due date, team members and more!
  9. Proof Sharing

    Learn how to easily invite additional reviewers to a proof by @mentioning them in the review comments or sharing to their email address.
  10. Collaborating During a Review

    During a review, collaboration is key. Learn more about how to keep those conversations going!