Creating a Projectmail_outline

To initiate a new project, navigate to the Projects list, and click Add Project in the top right.

The Projects sub-navigation has two list views. Adding a project from the My Projects list will automatically assign that project to you when creating a single New Project. If you create a new project from the All Projects list, it will be unassigned by default.

Select New Project to create a single project, or click Import to load multiple projects into your account.

If you'd like to create new projects or tasks in bulk, you can use the Import Template. To get started, click Add Project from the "Projects" tab, then click IMPORT from the "Create Projects" modal. Click Download Project Import Template to get a CSV copy of the template to fill out.

You can also follow the same steps from the "Work" tab, clicking Add Task, then IMPORT from the "Create Task" modal.

The template will include the following fields, as well as a formatting guideline for each:

Field NameSample Formatting
Work Item NameSpring Sale
Work Item TypeProject
Work Item DescriptionAnnual Spring Sale
Project ID12345
Work Item StatusCompleted
Started9/12/2018  3:04:00 PM
Due10/12/2018  10:00:00 PM
Completed10/13/2018  9:00:00 PM
TagsTag 1,Tag 2
Archived StatusNot Archived
Custom Field (Field Name Here)Web

Work Item Name and Work Item Type are the only required fields.

For fields with multiple values (Assigned Users, Tags), values must be comma-separated with no spaces.